Sophie, 38, Recovering from Anorexia Nervosa. 2020.

I first attended sessions with Rosaleen in the early stages of my eating disorder (E.D.) recovery. At the time I was haunted by the E.D. voice and although I knew I was doing the right thing, the voice was incessant. This made me doubt and question everything. It also made me feel panicked and my days were full of fear. Rosaleen took her time with me and I felt so safe in the space she gave me each week. She explained what BWRT was, which was welcomed as I then could have an active part in the process. Rosaleen teased out details of events that were happening me subconsciously and discussed how these were impacting upon me. For example, washing my new body in the shower would fill me with doubt and before I had even come down the stairs each morning I would be in a heightened state. Rosaleen and I worked on this together and the following afternoon I realised that I had not experienced the usual morning panic. This has remained so ever since. Working on specifics like this stopped negative thoughts in their tracks and so allowed me more time to embed new healthy thoughts and behaviours instead. Rosaleen also remembered different things I had said during our times together, which when she would repeat back to me later, would shock me at how low I had felt. This helped me realise how far I was moving from session to session and it was empowering and encouraging.

At the point in which I attended sessions with Rosaleen, in my opinion, my undernourished brain would not have been able to cope with it anymore. BWRT and Rosaleen’s compassion and dedication to her practice however paved a way for me through the most difficult part of my recovery so far. Thank you Rosaleen. I believe your work saved me from despair and from relapse.

– Sophie

Emma Jane, 60 years, Male to Female Transsexual. 2020

I first contacted Rosaleen just under two years ago as I had several issues that I wanted to overcome and or resolve. The first of these was my lack of self-confidence and speaking in public. The second was much more important to address as I am Male to Female Transexual.

The issue regarding the lack of confidence was solved fairly rapidly, even after the first session I felt that I could talk to any amount of people anywhere and at, anytime.

Regarding the issue of being transgendered, I wanted to ensure that I was on the right path for me. On the conscious level, I have known for years that I was in the wrong body, now I wanted to check that the subconscious and the conscious were in sync. Following a session on the years of my early childhood, I am now certain that both the conscious and the subconscious concurred.

The sessions with Rosaleen were to last an hour at a time, she was always generous with her time and energy and nothing ever felt rushed, she was always caring and supportive. I could never recommend her highly enough and if I discover any other issue, I will seek her help again.

– Emma Jane

M.G. 38yrs. Worked on Core identity issues. 2021

Life feels lighter, this feeling has hit me quite a few times unexpectedly; when I am not thinking about anything negative or anything in particular. I don’t really have the words to describe these moments and the changes I feel.

Thank you for helping me to understand that I exist and that I am very important and that I matter. Helping me find my self-image, my identity.

– MG

Kevin, 53 yrs. Gambling addiction. 2020

I attended Rosaleen after a friend recommended her. My problem was a gambling addiction that had taken over my life. Rosaleen did not just give me back my life in monetary terms. The gambling had stolen everything, my self-respect, my family life, my leisure time, there was no place else left to go with it. Rosaleen’s skills, dedication and encouragement turned my life and future around. Thank you Rosaleen.

– Kevin

Seán, 36 yrs. Stopped smoking. 2019.

I am a former client of Rosaleen’s. I contacted Rosaleen for help giving up smoking and ended up also addressing some other issues during my sessions. I have not smoked since being a client of Rosaleen, and I can confidently say, I will never smoke again.

I write this in 2021 and it is mind-blowing the progress that I have made in such a short space of time.

I am 36 as I write this, and I am fitter than I was in my early 20’s when I was actively involved in sport. My advice if you are reading this and thinking about availing of Rosaleen’s help? DO IT NOW. It will be the best thing that you will ever do. And the best investment financially that you will ever make. I went to Rosaleen with the mindset of wanting to stop smoking and being prepared to work hard to achieve my goal, which is something I would advise anyone reading this to be prepared to do. Although I have worked hard, I do put a huge amount of the credit down to Rosaleen’s methods.

It is really a gift that she possesses, as well as an occupation.

A forever grateful client – Seán